About Us

Fun facts about the owner

Amy Lee is originally from Park River, ND where her family owned and operated a movie theater.

-Graduated from Northland College with a major in Sales, Marketing and Management.  

-Styled wedding/prom hair for over 15 years, previously worked as a DJ, Dabbles in Photography and most recently worked as a residential and commercial interior designer. 

-Married to Matt Lee and have two daughters, Juliette (4) and Madelynn (7 months.)  

-Obsessed with the music from the 50s, 60s, 80s and 90s.

-A self declared foodie 

-Will only run if being chased with a chainsaw

-Hates any scary movie... even "Signs" is too scary

-Loves the color Blush pink and anything that sparkles

-Favorite Holiday is Christmas which is from November 1st until January 2nd (Hubby sure loves me)

Why I do what I do

Not to get emotional here, but ... yeah, it will be emotional

In 2014, I lost my mother to cancer and 6 months later I became a mom. Probably the best timing you could have.  Fast Forward to the year I got married, I also lost my dad 7 months prior. 

So on my wedding day, I didn't want to be setting up all my decor or taking it down at the end of the night. I also wanted to have someone to be the point of contact if anything went wrong. I've always been a control freak, type A person and on MY Wedding Day, I wanted to be in the moment! Life is too short and that is something I have learned the hard way. 

I wanted to use all of my skills and help other brides have the perfect wedding day surrounded by those who they love... While I do all the dirty work ;)