About Us

About Us

Our Style


For the past year our love for BoHo has amplified. It's all about Greenery with pops of metal accents and neutral colors. 

Sparkly Brides


There will always be brides wanting sparkle... Thankfully we stock many sparkly accents such as centerpieces, runners and tablecloths

Vintage Rentals


We are able to offer discounts with Vintage Rentals ... Lounge set ups, Centerpieces, Champagne Walls , you name it!! 

About Us

Fun facts about the owner

Amy Lee is originally from Park River, ND where her family owned and operated a movie theater.

-Graduated from Northland College with a major in Sales, Marketing and Management.  

-Styled wedding/prom hair for over 15 years, previously worked as a DJ, Dabbles in Photography and most recently worked as a residential and commercial interior designer. 

-Married to Matt Lee and have two daughters, Juliette and Madelynn

-Obsessed with the music from the 50s, 60s, 80s and 90s.

-A self declared foodie 

-Will only run if being chased with a chainsaw

-Hates any scary movie... even "Signs" is too scary

-Loves the color Blush pink and anything that sparkles

-Favorite Holiday is Christmas which is from November 1st until January 2nd (Hubby sure loves me)

Why I do what I do

Not to get emotional here, but ... yeah, it will be emotional

In 2014, I lost my mother to cancer and 6 months later I became a mom. Probably the best timing you could have.  Fast Forward to the year I got married, I also lost my dad 7 months prior. 

So on my wedding day, I didn't want to be setting up all my decor or taking it down at the end of the night. I also wanted to have someone to be the point of contact if anything went wrong. I've always been a control freak, type A person and on MY Wedding Day, I wanted to be in the moment! Life is too short and that is something I have learned the hard way. 

I wanted to use all of my skills and help other brides have the perfect wedding day surrounded by those who they love... While I do all the dirty work ;)